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Transportation Management

As our name implies, Transportation Partners and Logistics offers distribution and transportation services throughout the country. Along with our sister company, Global Specialized Services, we offer comprehensive management solutions for all logistical scenarios – Port Surveyor, Inventory Management, Load to Rail or Truck, Rail or Truck Fleet Management, Heavy-Haul Trucking, Warehousing and Distribution services, and more.

TP&L oversees our customers’ shipments from manufacturer to pad site, ensuring the process is economical, safe, and efficient. As a top cargo delivery service, TP&L provides detailed information and updates across the supply chain, offering ease of mind to the customer that their products are being monitored every step of the way.

Being an asset-based company means that we own our own cranes, rigging, trucks, rail lay down yards, and indoor storage warehouses. We also have our own crews offering inventory management and detailed reporting and assistance in component allocation for projects. Additionally, we have in-house engineers and a railcar fleet management team. TP&L manages the entire transportation plan, keeping track of all components across multiple modes of transportation.

Partnering with GSS, Transportation Partners and Logistics will move your goods and equipment safely, efficiently, and on time.

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    About Us

    What would it look like to manage all parts of the supply chain, in-house, under one roof? The logistics, the equipment, the cargo. Could it be done? The answer was yes and what started as an idea became a reality as TP&L was founded in 2011.

    Setting the standard of quality is not something we take lightly. Which is why we have assembled a team of partners who bring with them over 40 years of combined transportation experience in all sectors—port, truck, rail, distribution services. Making sure our expert knowledge is evident in every step of the supply chain.

    Since 2012, our unique one-stop-shop for all logistics and management solutions for supply lines has allowed us to impact over 75 wind farm projects and oil/gas drilling projects throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

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