TP&L Services Safe & Secure Management of Cargo Transportation to Project Sites

TP&L is your all-in-one resource for all transportation needs. Logistics for all shipments, both domestic and foreign,  are managed tediously by TP&L. We streamline the entire supply chain process for your company, ensuring your shipments arrive at project sites economically, safely, on time and to the quality standards set by the manufacturer.


Quality Management

Safe and successful transportation of cargo to a project site is TP&L’s primary goal. Our Quality Management team makes every effort and take every precaution to ensure your experience is the highest quality possible at every step of the supply chain and that your cargo arrives on time and in superb condition.


Distribution Services

Our distribution centers are located near multiple project sites and can take truck and rail shipments, combine them into one location in advance and then ship them out to each project creating an on-time transportation solution that is otherwise difficult to achieve with cargo of varying weight, size, volume and production lead time.


Transportation Management

We offer comprehensive management solutions for all logistical scenarios– Port Surveyor, inventory management, load to rail or truck, rail or truck fleet management, heavy-haul trucking, offload and distribution services. Here is a link for more information or a quote on our heavy-haul trucking, trucking and crane business: 


Product Maintenance

Transportation Partners and Logistics specialized team will perform routine maintenance based on factory specifications and guidelines.  Routine maintenance is performed to ensure optimal functionality and integrity of the product before it is sent to site.  Due to the value of each component a security service can be provided at owner’s expense.


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