TP&L Mesquite 4 and 5 Solar Sites

Harvest has been an incredible acquisition for Transportation Partners & Logistics. Harvest is an independent services provider of operations and maintenance (O&M) solutions to the renewable energy industry. With that acquisition, came multiple new projects and different scopes of work. 

Two of those projects are the Mesquite Four and Five Solar Sites. 

“It’s about 500,000 cubic yards of earthworks, in total,” said Nate Evans, the project manager. “We’ve got four scrapers there now, rather sizable machines, CAT 627 push pulls, along with support equipment. It’s quite a bit of dirt, especially being the first venture into earthworks for TP&L, and certainly exciting to see all that iron working.” 

Evans stated that, because of the acquisition, the civil scope is new to TP&L, but it’s not new to Harvest, which just emphasizes the benefits of acquisitions such as this. 

“I think these expansion opportunities show our clients that we offer more,” Evans stated. “I don’t know how many people know that we even do earthworks and grading, or that we’re capable of it. And so when we look at more projects down the line, we can now self-perform the civil scope and not have to give that out to subcontractors, which is a win-win for both our employees to keep them working,  and our clients as we can provide more competitive pricing doing civil in-house”. 

The project doesn’t just benefit the company, or even just the clients, either. It also benefits the community where the projects are being built, especially in terms of the economy. 

“We have hired a few locals for starters,” Evans said. “ When they start installing the solar panels, staffing will increase significantly – with a portion of that coming from the local labor pool. As far as the community benefit, as well, there’s something to be said about rental houses filling up, or RV lots filling up and the economical benefit that comes with that. Restaurants will see more volume; it’s kind of this whole chain reaction.”

There are a myriad of benefits that come from these projects and projects like them. Harvest has been an incredible acquisition for Transportation Partners & Logistics and will no doubt yield more exciting projects in the future!