TAKKION Participates in ‘Meals of Hope’

Recently, TAKKION staff and management participated in something that is near and dear to our hearts. It’s called Meals of Hope, and it was an opportunity to give back to the community that we love so much. 

Meals of Hope, according to their website, is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) that is committed to bringing people together to fight the hunger epidemic. 

Meals of Hope was founded in 2007, and since its inception, it has packed over 80 million meals across the country. These meals were then donated to communities in need. 

Meals of Hope stated that they only have a staff of 18 people, but they’ve had more than 30,000 volunteers. 

TAKKION made up some of those volunteers on Saturday, August 26, 2023, as several members of our team, their family & friends woke up early to pack more than 50,000 meals for members of our community who are in need. 

It was truly a sight to behold, and it was something that we will not soon forget. 

“It’s the belief that when we’re blessed and fortunate in our success, whether individually or as an organization, that it’s our obligation to pass on blessings to those less fortunate than us,” said Shana Anderson, the Chief of Staff for TAKKION. “Especially when it comes to the wellbeing of children. They are our next generation, and they take the lead from our example. Being in a state of hunger, as a child, is unfathomable, as they don’t have the understanding or resources to solve it.”

Food insecurity, especially with children, is a real issue, even in Wyoming. While politicians argue about whether or not to offer free or reduced school lunches to students, it is up to us to do all that we can to ensure that no child goes hungry. Not on our watch. 

The meals that TAKKION packed stayed within Wyoming and were equally distributed to various food pantries and organizations in Casper, Wyoming. 

“We need to continue to show up for each other and take the necessary steps to bring the community what it needs when we have the capability or resources available to us,” Anderson stated. “The Meals of Hope organization gives us the resources. It just needs the capable hands and time from individuals to make it a reality.” 

On that Saturday in August, that reality came true. Several representatives of TAKKION, their families, and friends gathered to pack meals and offer just a little bit of hope to those in the community who need it. 

“This event was a great time to come together as an organization and inspire one another to do more than we think we’re capable of for someone other than ourselves,” Anderson said. “It takes us out of the daily work grind to interact with one another on a personal level and improve our grassroots development for a great cause!” 

TAKKION cares about its community. We live here, we work here, we love… here, and we serve here. This was an opportunity for us to give just a little bit of our time and energy to benefit a good cause and, most importantly, to help feed the hungry. And there is no better feeling than that. 

“We release monthly grassroots initiatives to develop each other with the proper social, cultural, and economic tools in advancing the well-being of our personnel & organization,” Anderson said. “This event just puts those grassroots initiatives into action. The inspiration from a selfless good deed is tremendous. Why would we not continue to chase that inspiration on a daily basis & be the change we wish to see around us. Taking action..towards progress.” 

Takkion expresses gratitude to all the volunteers for their support in making the event a success and contributing to a great cause.