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TP&L now operates largest wind component distribution center in North America

Transportation Partners and Logistics (TP&L) announced that it now owns and operates the largest wind-power component distribution center in North America.TP&L’s offers a one-stop-shop for all logistics and management solution for supply lines. With the recent expansion of its location in Garden City and additional distribution centers in North Dakota, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Nebraska, the company serves multiple industries including wind, rail, port, and trucking logistics support and management. TP&L’s distribution centers currently support more than 75 wind farms in North America.

TP&L now has more than 630 acres in its Garden City location alone, the company’s distribution centers to-date support more than 75 wind farms in North America and provide warehousing, indoor storage, and logistical support for moving turbines and other wind energy generation components, ensuring they arrive to the job site on time. The company owns and operates state of the art equipment that can take wind power components from factory or port to job site.

“TP&L has built a strong presence in wind power by providing complete logistics support for wind farms being built across all of North America, including Canada and Mexico,” said Shelli Stacey, Director of Rail Logistics and a partner at TP&L. “Our customers depend on our ability to engage quickly, with customized solutions that get the job done right and on time. We look forward to serving this community as the demand for wind power continues to grow.”

TP&L is an asset-based company, ensuring it is fully scalable within its own fleet and completed “in-house.” Customers will enjoy quick turnaround time because the company never has to lease equipment or sub-contract for additional services. TP&L is the one of the only companies that can store, deliver and maintain wind power facilities to an industry growing every day.